Task Force issues goals, recommendations for action

For a quick overview of the report, see the summary of the goals and recommendations: Commit to homes as a priority, Preserve the homes we have, Build more homes, Increase home stability, Link homes and services, and Support and strengthen homeownership.

Task Force releases report, "More Places to Call Home"

 Investing in Minnesota's Future

The Task Force identified six principles of a resilient housing system which informed the members' evaluation of all input and potential recommendations. The final report includes key research and findings that drive the task force's goals and recommendations to address Minnesota's housing challenges.

Many thanks to the Task Force members, sponsors, and members of the public

Governor Dayton extends his sincere thanks to all of the 28 volunteer Task Force members who gave countless hours to the effort, as well as the key staff, supporters, and sponsors of the Task Force: Family Housing Fund, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Itasca Project, McKnight Foundation, Metropoitan Council, and Minnesota Housing. Many thanks go to the hundreds of Minnesotans who participated in the housing forums across the state. Everyone's input contributed to the Task Force's recommendations. 

Next Steps: Prosperity's Front Door

The work of the Minnesota Housing Task Force continues through Prosperity's Front Door: How Homes Build Strong Communities, an initiative promoting bipartisan, public-private solutions to Minnesota's housing challenges. Learn more, sign up for updates, and take part in promoting the task force recommendations.

NEWS RELEASE: Task Force completes work, releases "More Places to Call Home"

The Task Force on Housing officially wrapped up its work with a final Task Force meeting in late July. Governor Dayton is announcing the release of the report, "More Places to Call Home: Investing in Minnesota's Future," on August 21, 2018.


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